SAP ABAP Table CE4E_B1   {Model Bank}

Foreign Key tables (14)
  • BUT000   {BP: General data I}
  • CEPC   {Profit Center Master Data Table}
  • CKPH   {Master Record: Cost Object ID Number}
  • JBDBPRD   {Bank Product}
  • JBRADKEY   {Transaction Differentiation}
  • JBTKREG   {Costing Rule}
  • KNA1   {General Data in Customer Master}
  • MARA   {General Material Data}
  • T006   {Units of Measurement}
  • TSPA   {Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions}
  • TVFK   {Billing: Document Types}
  • TVKO   {Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations}
  • TVTW   {Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels}
  • VBUK   {Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data}