SAP ABAP Table DFKKINVDOC_I   {Items of Invoicing Document}

Foreign Key tables (11)
  • T001   {Company Codes}
  • T007A   {Tax Keys}
  • TCURC   {Currency Codes}
  • TE011   {Code for Tax Code Determination}
  • TFK007F   {Other Tax Codes}
  • TFK2601   {Invoicing Functions}
  • TFK2605   {Reference Document Types for Posting Documents}
  • TFK2608   {Invoicing Item Types}
  • TFKHVO   {Main transactions in contract accts receivable and payable}
  • TFKTVO   {Sub-transactions in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable}
  • TSPA   {Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions}