SAP ABAP Table NFAL   {IS-H: Cases}

Foreign Key tables (15)
  • NPAT   {IS-H: Patient Master Data (General)}
  • T000   {Clients}
  • T006   {Units of Measurement}
  • TN01   {IS-H: Institutions}
  • TN15C   {IS-H: Case Category}
  • TN15D   {IS-H: Case End Data}
  • TN15F   {IS-H: Delivery Categories}
  • TN15G   {IS-H: Employee Types}
  • TN15H   {IS-H: Choice of Ward Class}
  • TN17D   {IS-H: Identity Document Types}
  • TN24   {IS-H: Treatment Categories}
  • TNC301SA   {IS-H EDI: Application Status for Communication}
  • TNCH12   {IS-H CH: Canton Tariff}
  • TNCH13   {IS-H CH: Convention}
  • TNKFA   {IS-H: Code Specialties}