SAP ABAP Table CDBD_ADRC   {Addresses (central address admin)}

Foreign Key tables (16)
  • ADRCITY   {Postal cities}
  • ADRCITYPRT   {Postal districts}
  • ADRREGGRP   {Regional structure grouping}
  • ADRSTREET   {Streets}
  • ADRSTRTYPE   {Street type}
  • T000   {Clients}
  • T002   {Language Keys (Component BC-I18)}
  • T005   {Countries}
  • T005S   {Taxes: Region (Province) Key}
  • TSAC   {Communication Methods (Business Address Services)}
  • TSAD3   {Forms of Address (Key) (Business Address Services)}
  • TSAD6   {Source Address or Personal Data (Business Address Services)}
  • TSAD7   {Address Groups (Business Address Services)}
  • TSADV   {International versions of addresses}
  • TTZZ   {Time zones}
  • TZONE   {Customers: Regional zones}