SAP ABAP Table EANL   {Installation}

Foreign Key tables (13)
  • EVBS   {Premise}
  • T000   {Clients}
  • TE119   {MR Block. Reasons}
  • TE369   {Voltage Level}
  • TE438   {Control of MR Type for which MR orders are created}
  • TE439   {Installation Type}
  • TE696   {Gas Pressure Level at Installation Level (Grid)}
  • TE759   {Reason for Supply Guarantee}
  • TECDE   {Service Types}
  • TEDEREGSTAT   {Deregulation status}
  • TEINFOREL   {Release Status for Installations}
  • TESPT   {Alloc. of Div. Cat. to Div.}
  • TTZZ   {Time zones}