SAP ABAP Table NLEI   {IS-H: Services Performed}

Foreign Key tables (11)
  • MARA   {General Material Data}
  • NBEW   {IS-H: Movements for Case}
  • NFAL   {IS-H: Cases}
  • NORG   {IS-H: Organizational Units}
  • NTPK   {IS-H: Header Data of Service Item}
  • T000   {Clients}
  • TN01   {IS-H: Institutions}
  • TN21Y   {IS-H: Billing Categories for Indiv. Control of Billing}
  • TN26E   {IS-H: Definition of Medical Localizations}
  • TNK01   {IS-H: Service Catalog Types}
  • TNT0   {IS-H: Categories of Service Assignments}