SAP ABAP Table NDOC   {IS-H: Assignment of IS-H Objects to Documents in DMS}

Foreign Key tables (14)
  • DRAW   {Document Info Record}
  • N1ANF   {IS-H*MED: Request}
  • N2DT   {IS-H*MED: Table of Documentation Categories}
  • NBAU   {IS-H: Building Units}
  • NBEW   {IS-H: Movements for Case}
  • NFAL   {IS-H: Cases}
  • NGPA   {IS-H: Business Partners}
  • NLEI   {IS-H: Services Performed}
  • NORG   {IS-H: Organizational Units}
  • NPAT   {IS-H: Patient Master Data (General)}
  • T000   {Clients}
  • TDWA   {Document Types}
  • TN01   {IS-H: Institutions}
  • TN2FLAG   {Is-H*MED: Flags (special indicators) for documents}